Artist: Jason Lytle

Date: 2009-12-18

Venue: Mariposa Hunters Point Yacht Club, San Francisco, CA

7 tracks. 3 images. 1 text file.
# Title Duration Formats
1 Levitz 4:06 MP3 (320k), FLAC
2 Derek Spears 2:49 MP3 (320k), FLAC
3 Young Saints 4:37 MP3 (320k), FLAC
4 Dreaming My Dreams With You (Waylon Jennings cover) 4:28 MP3 (320k), FLAC
5 El Caminos In The West 3:47 MP3 (320k), FLAC
6 Nacher Anthem 1:05 MP3 (320k), FLAC
7 You Are My Sunshine > Underneath The Weeping Willow 3:21 MP3 (320k), FLAC


Jason Lytle
Mariposa Hunters Point Yacht Club (Meals On Wheels Benefit)
San Francisco, CA
December 18, 2009

Recorded by cut_here
SBD>Microtrack>wav>Audition 3.0 (HL +13L, 14R)>cdwave>flac

01 Levitz
02 Derek Spears
03 Young Saints
04 Dreaming My Dreams With You (W. Marc Capelle on keys)*
05 El Caminos In The West
06 Nacher Anthem (tease)
07 You Are My Sunshine//Underneath The Weeping Willow

*Waylon Jennings

Thanks to Jason, daidj, Marc, Jamie and Carol for making this recording possible.

if you enjoy this performance, please support Jason by attending shows and purchasing merch.

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Play Loudly!

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