Artist: Jason Lytle

Date: 2015-05-02

Venue: With Troy Von Balthazar and The Color Bars Experience, Paris, FR

17 tracks. 1 text file.
# Title Duration Formats
1 Color Bars 2:37 MP3 (320k), FLAC
2 Pretty Mary K 2:48 MP3 (320k), FLAC
3 Son of Sam 3:54 MP3 (320k), FLAC
4 Everything Reminds Me of Her 3:10 MP3 (320k), FLAC
5 Happiness 3:54 MP3 (320k), FLAC
6 Wonder Why In L.A. 3:20 MP3 (320k), FLAC
7 Everything Means Nothing to Me 2:52 MP3 (320k), FLAC
8 I Better Be Quiet Now 4:11 MP3 (320k), FLAC
9 In the Lost and Found 3:38 MP3 (320k), FLAC
10 Junk Bond Trader 4:02 MP3 (320k), FLAC
11 Somebody That I Used to Know 2:32 MP3 (320k), FLAC
12 Easy Way Out 3:30 MP3 (320k), FLAC
13 Wouldn't Mama Be Proud 4:15 MP3 (320k), FLAC
14 Can't Make a Sound 4:34 MP3 (320k), FLAC
15 [Crowd] 0:50 MP3 (320k), FLAC
16 Between the Bars 3:14 MP3 (320k), FLAC
17 [Outro] 1:47 MP3 (320k), FLAC

jason troy info.txt

Jason Lytle, Troy Von Balthazar & The Color Bars Experience, Paris-Fr Maison de la radio studio 105, 2 may 2015, FM master

Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) and Troy Von Balthazar (Chokebore) play �Figure 8� from Elliott Smith, backed by the Color Bars Experience chamber orchestra in a special France Musique "Label Pop" show, broadcasted yesterday (recorded last saturday).

I'm not familiar with this kind of thing but i think there are fans outhere.

Recorded from a Marantz tuner with a Zoom H4.
SD card-Audacity (vol & tracks)-FLAC (TLH).

Setlist :

01 Color Bars
02 Pretty Mary K
03 Son Of Sam
04 Everything Reminds Me Of Her
05 Happiness
06 LA
07 Everything Means Nothing To Me
08 I Better Be Quiet Now
09 In The Lost And Found
10 Junk Bond Trader
11 Somebody That I Used To Now
12 Easy Way Out
13 Wouldn�t Mama Be Proud
14 Can�t Make A Sound
15 Audience &DJ
16 Between The Bars
17 Radio show outro with DJ's band intro

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