Grandaddy Live Archive

Artist: Jason Lytle

Date: 2011-04-16

Venue: Dan's Silverleaf, Denton, TX

18 tracks. 1 text file.
# Title Duration MP3 FLAC
1 What Can't Be Erased 5:23
2 Levitz 5:59
3 El Caminos In The West 4:18
4 Brand New Sun 4:33
5 Waiting For My Phone To Dry 3:12
6 Hang Town 5:17
7 Hewlett's Daughter 3:54
8 Now It's On 4:44
9 Chartsengrafs 3:02
10 Go Progress Chrome 4:17
11 Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake 7:04
12 Everything Beautiful is Far Away 4:47
13 Broken Household Appliance National Forest 5:39
14 Young Bride 5:20
15 Balloon Maker 6:00
16 Summer Here Kids 4:58
17 A.M. 180 6:06
18 Heart of Gold 3:50

Lytle Denton 20110416 INFO.txt

Jason Lytle 

'Everything In Denton Is Far Away'

live @ Dan's Silverleaf 
Denton, Texas  
April 16, 2011 

SP-CMC-4(AT853s) > SP-SPSB-1 > JB3 > 
USB > PC > Audacity > .flac > you 

Jason so-low...
acoustic guitar + vocals + 
harmonica + sampler 
01. What Can't Be Erased 
02. Levitz 
03. El Caminos In The West 
04. Brand New Sun 
05. Waiting For My Phone To Dry
06. Hang Town 

Lytle + midlake = GRANDlake 

07. Hewlett's Daughter
08. Now It's On 
09. Chartsengrafs 
10. Go Progress Chrome 
11. Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake 
12. Everything Beautiful Is Far Away 
13. Broken Household Appliance National Forest 
14. Young Bride 
15. Balloon Maker 
16. Summer Here Kids 
17. AM180 
18. Heart Of Gold 

first seeded to the ZOMB April 2011

holy fucking sweet clean hell on a stick!! 
did this gig actually happen or was it just 
a wicked awesome product of my imagination?? 
i erected my gear against the back wall of 
this venue between the bar (one of 3 bars 
in this relatively small venue!) and the soundboard. 
therefore you will notice more incidental noises 
here when compared to the GOOD Records recording. 
this gig was really special for lotsa reasons. 
Lytle, Texas, midlake, GRANDADDY, Denton, the 
guy running the soundboard actually gave a damn!! 
enjoy the heartwrenching clarity of the solo 
portion and the rawkusness of the GRANDlake 
tunes.  Jason even sang the midlake tunes 
'Young Bride' & 'Balloon Maker' while Tim, 
midlake's singer, looked on from the audience. 
you got some balls Lytle.  'Young Bride' features 
live violin by Fiona Brice. 'Broken Household 
Appliance...' is priceless and 'Everything 
Beautiful...' is understated perfection here. 
oh and of course the once-in-a-lifetime ender 
Neil Young cover!!!  after the gig Jason was 
chatting with fans at the merchandise table 
signing the limited edition posters created 
for this event.  purr-fection