Artist: Jason Lytle

Date: 2012-10-16

Venue: Barboza, Seattle, WA

15 tracks. 1 text file.
# Title Duration Formats
1 Willow Wand 5:39 MP3 (320k), FLAC
2 Derek Spears 5:38 MP3 (320k), FLAC
3 Young Saints (False Start) 3:35 MP3 (320k), FLAC
4 Young Saints 5:36 MP3 (320k), FLAC
5 Yours Truly, The Commuter 7:27 MP3 (320k), FLAC
6 Get Up And Go 3:37 MP3 (320k), FLAC
7 [Banter] 1:20 MP3 (320k), FLAC
8 In My Room (Beach Boys cover) 3:20 MP3 (320k), FLAC
9 I'm On Standby 5:29 MP3 (320k), FLAC
10 Hangtown 4:26 MP3 (320k), FLAC
11 What Can't Be Erased 4:46 MP3 (320k), FLAC
12 I Am Lost (And The Moment Cannot Last) 3:11 MP3 (320k), FLAC
13 The Crystal Lake 4:14 MP3 (320k), FLAC
14 [Crowd] 2:21 MP3 (320k), FLAC
15 Ghost Of My Old Dog 6:56 MP3 (320k), FLAC


Jason Lytle and Rusty Miller
Seattle WA
October 16, 2012

Recorded by cut_here
sbd>xlr to 1/4"cables>Microtrack, 24/48>Audition (+12)>cdwave>flac

01 Willow Wand Willow Wand
02 Derek Spears
03 Young Saints (False Start)
04 Young Saints
05 Yours Truly, The Commuter
06 Get Up And Go
07 Rusty And Banter
08 In My Room (Beach Boys cover)
09 I'm On Standby
10 Hangtown
11 What Can't Be Erased
12 I Am Lost (And The Moment Cannot Last)
13 The Crystal Lake
14 Encore Break
15 Ghost Of My Old Dog

Thanks once again to Jason for letting me tape. If you enjoyed the performance, please support Jason by attending
shows or purchasing merch.

Fun first night of the tour show. Grimes was playing upstairs at Neumos at 11, and Jason wanted to get "the quiet songs"
played before she started.