Artist: Jason Lytle

Date: 2012-02-11

Venue: The Vanguard, Sydney, AU

19 tracks. 1 text file.
# Title Duration Formats
1 El Caminos In The West 3:58 MP3 (320k), FLAC
2 Brand New Sun 5:06 MP3 (320k), FLAC
3 Birds Encouraged Him 4:33 MP3 (320k), FLAC
4 The Go In The Go-For-It 4:09 MP3 (320k), FLAC
5 The Crystal Lake 5:32 MP3 (320k), FLAC
6 Levitz 2:32 MP3 (320k), FLAC
7 Chartsengrafs 3:39 MP3 (320k), FLAC
8 What Can't be Erased 4:57 MP3 (320k), FLAC
9 I Am Lost (And The Moment Cannot Last) 3:32 MP3 (320k), FLAC
10 [Banter] 1:46 MP3 (320k), FLAC
11 I Heart California 3:39 MP3 (320k), FLAC
12 Willow Wand 3:56 MP3 (320k), FLAC
13 Young Saints 5:36 MP3 (320k), FLAC
14 This Song is the Mute Button 3:28 MP3 (320k), FLAC
15 Hewlett's Daughter 4:16 MP3 (320k), FLAC
16 Now It's On 4:48 MP3 (320k), FLAC
17 [Encore] 2:07 MP3 (320k), FLAC
18 Silver Wings (Merle Haggard cover) 3:39 MP3 (320k), FLAC
19 So You'll Aim Toward The Sky 3:52 MP3 (320k), FLAC

Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) 2012-02-11 Sydney Australia.txt

Jason Lytle (Grandaddy)
Feb 11, 2012 
Sydney, Australia 
The Vanguard 
DFC 5 metres from stage 
CA11 > CA9100 > Sony PCM10 > 44.1/16 WAV > Soundforge (Normalise/Split) > TLH > FLAC 

01 El Caminos In The West
02 Brand New Sun
03 Birds Encouraged Him
04 The Go In The Go-For-It
05 The Crystal Lake
06 Levitz (Birdless)
07 Chartsengrafs
08 What Can't be Erased
09 I Am Lost (And The Moment Cannot Last)
10 Banter
11 I Heart California
12 Willow Wand
13 Young Saints
14 This Song is the Mute Button
15 Hewlett's Daughter
16 Now It's On
17 Encore Break
18 Silver Wings
19 So you'll aim toward the sky

This was Jason's first tour of Australia since the very well recieved Grandaddy tour of 2004. I was excited to see him play as I had been to both nights Grandaddy played in Sydney and they were fantastic.

Jason put on a great imtimate show, shaking off his jetlag to give an outstanding performance.Seeing Jason play solo is a very different experience to the layered sonic wall that was Grandaddy but just as good. This was the first stop of his Yankee Dirtbag tour and his songs sounded great stripped down.

As always please enjoy this recording and show your support by getting out and seeing the Jason play live if you ever get the chance.